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Internal Investigations and Regulatory Compliance

Internal Investigations and Regulatory ComplianceIn today’s economy, corporations and corporate officers are under immense pressure to raise revenue.  Government agencies are constantly amending already complex regulations, making corporate compliance an increasingly difficult task.  At the same time, government scrutiny of corporate activity is escalating in light of recent high-profile cases involving corporate misconduct.

Internal investigations are a useful resource for corporations preparing to expose their operations to the public eye.  Issues giving rise to the need for internal investigations can stem from widespread misconduct or from the actions of a single employee.  In either instance, Arleo & Donohue has the resources necessary to detect and eliminate the potential misconduct while minimizing any corresponding negative impact on the company as a whole.

The most successful internal investigations are initiated early, allowing us to employ preventative tactics in order to develop risk management strategies, improve compliance efforts, and eliminate and remediate misconduct before attracting the attention of the government and the public.  In addition, our extensive white-collar criminal defense practice equips us with the skills and knowledge to effectively advise companies, large and small, on the legal ramifications of cooperating with a government investigation.